We Provide:

CNC Vertical Milling
CNC Horizontal Lathes
• CNC Horizontal & Vertical Machining Centers
• CNC Sinker EDM + C axis

EMD, Corporation is a machine shop specializing in precision CNC Machining. We machine plastic and metal component parts to close tolerances and manufacture special machine parts, tools, prototypes, fixtures, assemblies, dies, and gages. EMD-USA is a full service, family owned and operated machine shop totally committed to manufacturing the highest quality machined parts in for short or long production runs. EMD excels in close tolerance prototyping and production manufacturing.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us the flexibility to set and run production quantities, custom prototype work and machining work.

Machine Shop Services

At EMD we are specialized in machining parts from a vast variety of materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, inconel and other exotic materials such as titanium. We use the latest in CNC machinery equipment to be able to accomplish the most complex tasks.

• CNC Turning I.D. and O.D.
• CNC Milling
• Boring and Gun Drilling
• Thread Milling
• EDM Key Ways & Sprokets
• Contour Milling
• Valve Machining & Flanges


Some of the Products we manufacture include:

• Shafts - Retractor, Coupler, Extension, Cam & Slide Guides
• Fasteners - Studs, Nuts, Screws, Guides & Ferrules, Including Metric
• Bars - Tongue, Lock, Adjust & Tensioners (Bolt & Stud)
• Inserts - Knurled, Threaded & Rivets
• Connectors, Housings, (Actuators & Sensors) Mechanical Switches & Splines
• Spacers, Washers, Seals, Retaining Rings, Collars, Sleeves & Eyelets
• Machine Keys - Standard, Parallel, Plain & Gib Head Taper, Rounded End, Screw & Step, Including Metric
• Pins - Dowel, Taper, Threaded, Piston, Load, Groove, Valve, Clutch & Hinge

 We are ISO certified