We offer the fastest turnaround, cutting-edge technology, the best service, and the most competitive pricing. From finished parts to the most accurate machining, we have what your company needs!

CNC Machining

We use the latest CNC machining and inspection equipment in Houston, Texas.
We provide:

• High speed CNC Milling
• Thread Milling
• D Prototype
• Contour Milling
• Surface Grinding Tool
• Die machining and more...

Wire EDM

We are equipped with the latest, most reliable EDM equipment in Houston to provide our customers with the best EDM services:

• Wire EDM
• Sinker EDM   
• Ram EDM                      
• Orbiting EDM
• C-Axis EDM   
• Die sinking EDM

Injection Molds

With over 30 years experience in the tooling and mold making industry, EMD is the best option for all your custom injection molding as well as die making needs.
Our project management services to our customers is second to none. We handle every aspect of your product needs, featuring aluminum, hybrids and steel custom mold manufacturing.

Finished Parts

We are constantly challenged by our customers needs and requirements, using exotic materials as well as developing prototypes. Our finished products apply to industries such as:
• Oil & Gas
• Aerospace
• Medical
• Electronics
• Transportation